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Call us now: 023 9232 2828

Call us now: 023 9232 2828


Whatever the purpose of your engraved plaque, we have a solution

Whether you’re looking for a smart brass plaque for your office, small plaques for trophies, a memorial plaque for a park bench, or clear warning signage that cannot be scratched off, we can help you.

Plaques can be engraved on a number of different surfaces:
  • Metal – aluminium, brass, bronze or other metal finish
  • Plastic – acrylic or Perspex, gravoply (layered) or eurosign
  • Wood

We can help you select the appropriate material for your plaque, depending on the purpose and position it will occupy.

Using a strong, virtually unbreakable substance such as gravoply is ideal for warning and other signs that need to remain legible under all circumstances. Engraved letters cannot be scratched off or erased.

We can add sliding mechanisms or other features where required.

Call us now to talk about how PCMI Signs can help you to get your signage sorted -
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The decision has been made to close PCMI Signs. The last day of trading will be 31 January 2020, and orders can be placed until 17 January 2020.

We would like to thank everyone who has worked with PCMI Signs for their many years of loyal custom.