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Call us now: 023 9232 2828

Call us now: 023 9232 2828

Indoor Building Signs

Our indoor signage is printed and manufactured to the same high quality and standard as our outdoor signs

Even inside, signage can be exposed to daylight and therefore could fade if inferior inks were used. That’s why we make all signs using light-fast inks and add a protective overfilm.

Ranging from wall-mounted direction and information signs, to Health and Safety stickers and door-mounted sliders, we can provide signage for all your requirements.

Interior signs can be stuck in place where they are no bigger than A4, as well as screwed to walls and doors. Where suitable ceilings are available, they can be suspended overhead.

In all instances, you’ll receive high-quality, bright and long-lasting signs that will keep pointing people in the right direction for years to come.

Just call us on 023 9232 2828 to discuss your signage needs

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The decision has been made to close PCMI Signs. The last day of trading will be 31 January 2020, and orders can be placed until 17 January 2020.

We would like to thank everyone who has worked with PCMI Signs for their many years of loyal custom.