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Call us now: 023 9232 2828

Call us now: 023 9232 2828

Health and Safety Signs

One of our areas of expertise is in Health and Safety signage

Every business, organisation or other public space needs to comply with Health and Safety and Fire safety requirements – and display the signage that comes with it.
PCMI can supply you with signage that is fully compliant with the Statutory Health and Safety Regulations and the Disability Discrimination Act. All our signs will suit the purpose and environment in which they will be used.

Professional help and advice

Both internal and exterior signage is available, and PCMI can advise you about the positioning, quantity and fixing required. For example, fire assembly point signs must be positioned at a certain height, whilst hazard signs must be a particular shape and colour. You don't need to worry about the finer points of these rules - we will ensure that your signage is correct.
Much Health and Safety signage comes in the form of self-adhesive stickers, which will adhere strongly to a wall, but are also repositionable. Other signs can be screwed to walls, attached to fences, or placed on posts.
We can supply you with Braille and tactile signs if you need them - call us to discuss what you need. We produce all types of standard signs and stickers to any design you require.

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Health and Safety Signs from PCMI Signs Portsmouth