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Call us now: 023 9232 2828

Call us now: 023 9232 2828

Exhibition Graphics

Large scale exhibition graphics are easily achievable with our digital print facility

At the heart of our production space is our large scale digital printer. It produces extremely high quality work which our expert staff can then turn into excellent display graphics.

These can then be wall-mounted, put onto any suitable surface or built into exhibition units. They can be temporary installations, or permanent exhibits - just let us know what you intend for your items and we'll advise you accordingly.

It's possible for us to create graphics up to 25 metres in length. Add good design and you're going to create an impression wherever you show it.

Pop-up banner stands make excellent visual aids at exhibitions or anywhere you want to make an impression. Whilst they can be bought very cheaply, we strongly recommend the higher-quality stands that we normally supply. The mechanism is stronger and easier to use, particularly if the exhibitor is not especially tall. It's much more durable so will outlast it's cheaper cousin by some way.

Also it comes with a good quality carrying case which makes it neat and easy to transport around.

Whatever type of exhibition graphic or display you want to create, speak to us and we'll discuss what solutions we can offer to meet your requirements, and your budget.

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